Pergola - the perfect solution for your yard or terrace

Pergolas are an attractive addition to any modern home that can offer the perfect environment for plants growth, as well as a gathering place for family and friends while relaxing in the shade. When built correctly, the pergola offers a long-lasting solution for creating a shelter that will fit into the design of your garden and home.

Pergolas are architectural elements that connect the garden and the house and are often used to support climbing plants. And modern pergolas provide comfort to the owners because they are easy to operate and maintain. That is why the aluminium automatic pergolas from Paradise Pergo are the ideal solution for your outdoor space.

  1. What are the Pergolas?
  2. Where can we put a pergola in our home?
  3. The advantages of aluminium pergolas from Paradise Pergo
  4. Types of pergolas and glazing from Paradise Pergo
  5. Contact with Paradise Pergo

What are the Pergolas?

The classic pergola is an external structure consisting of columns supporting a roof grid of beams.

roof grid of beamsThis roof grid can be left open or covered to create an area protected from the sun or rain. Pergolas can be free-standing or attached to a house.

The traditional design of the pergola returns to the spectacular masonry structures of the Italian Renaissance. But the term "pergola" is used more freely now and includes wooden or aluminium structures. Pergolas are often attached to houses so that they form an outdoor living space, which essentially serves as an extension of the interior of the home. 


This type of architectural elements has been used for centuries to protect against climate change and the bright sun. They became popular during the Renaissance in Central Europe, and their design underwent major changes over the years. However, their main purpose remains, but today we can add to them the provision of a quiet and pleasant place for outdoor relaxation and entertainment. 

Where can we put a pergola in our home?

Pergolas can be used in different ways. They can serve as a separate corner in the garden, be an extension of the porch, under which to place the dining table in summer and early autumn, can be placed near the pool. On the one hand you can choose a part of your yard where to build a separate structure, on the other - the pergola can be an extension of your home and give an extremely stylish finish to the porch. 

Since pergolas originate from landscape architecture, it is a bit difficult to imagine that they can be placed on terraces, balconies and roofs. But in fact, it is so. Nowadays, pergolas can be adapted to almost any outdoor space and it is only a matter of desire whether you will take advantage of them.

In this way you will be able to easily master your outdoor space, and by adding glazing to it, you will be able to take advantage of it even during the cold and rainy months.

It all depends on the individually of the space and your preferences. We at Paradise Pergo will offer the you best solution for your requirements.

The advantages of aluminium pergolas from Paradise Pergo

aluminium pergolasBuilding a pergola in your outdoor space is an extremely practical way to master and use it more efficiently. One of the main advantages of the pergola over standard exterior roofs is that it is movable. In this way you have the opportunity to adjust the sunlight or shade, and you will easily be able to protect yourself from sudden rains. 

One of the most important advantages of an aluminium pergola is its weight. This material is very light, but at the same time has big strength, which makes it competitive with other heavier materials. Aluminium can be easily styled so that it can be combined with any space and create the impression of a natural extension of the home and garden.

Once you install a similar type of pergola in your yard or terrace, you will not need to take care of it at all. You will not have to apply protective varnish on the beams, pesticides against insects, polishes, to worry about worn and rotten elements that will not only need to be replaced, but can also be dangerous when talking about a wooden structure. This means that the aluminium pergola will save you a lot of money for repairs and maintenance in the long run.

Last but not least - the assembly and installation of aluminium pergolas is much easier than wooden ones, especially when it comes to large structures, because aluminium is a lighter material.

The aluminium pergolas offered by Paradise Pergo have very good technical features:

  • Thanks to the special sun protection coating FS FLEXY Cellin Cover, the penetration of harmful UV rays is reduced by up to 89%.
  • The covering is 100% waterproof and the Water block system prevents rainwater from entering the enclosed space. And the structure has a built-in drainage system.
  • All linking parts, such as screws, nuts and bolts, are made of stainless steel, ensuring long-term and trouble-free operation of the products.
  • The pergolas protect from wind up to 117 km / h, which makes the choice of pergolas for your home a sensible and safe solution.
  • All parts are processed with powder coating in our own workshops and are controlled by Quality Control System. 
  • Aluminium pergolas are very modern and stylish constructions that are easy to operate and fit perfectly into your place. 

Types of pergolas and glazing from Paradise Pergo


In general, aluminium pergolas are divided into two main types - bioclimatic and classic. The difference is in the construction of the roof system. In bioclimatic - the roof is composed of louvers, which, depending on the type can move horizontally or vertically or gather together in one place, opening the entire roof space.

The advantage of the bioclimatic pergolas is that thanks to them you will be able to ensure the ideal temperature under the pergola by adjusting the roof louvers to stand as it will be most comfortable for you.

glazing Classic aluminium pergolas have a roof covering of various types of durable fabrics - most often vinyl, which are folded or stretched by motors, so as to provide dense and secure protection against harmful sunlight or unexpected rainfall. And everything is done with just a  push of a button.

Their construction can be independent or as part of a building, and depending on the curve of the roof, what is the total area, whether there is a load-bearing structure or "hanging" from the building, several different models are distinguished. The experts from Paradise Pergo will recommend you the most suitable model for your place, so that you can make the most of it most of the year.

glazing Glazing can be added in each model of aluminium pergolas offered by Paradise Pergo. It can also be profiled or non-profiled with moving parts that can slide one after the other. One of the most convenient options for glazing is the so-called "guillotine". Like the roof structures, it is automated and can be controlled remotely, and the horizontal glass slides slowly down, forming the down side as a railing. 

This type of glazing is mostly suitable for terraces or balconies on high floors or even in the absence of external parts in residential buildings.

Again, automated zip screens can be added on each model of the aluminium pergolas. They will provide you with calmness and a pleasant stay, which is not disturbed by a sudden wind or whirlwind from the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. 

Contact with Paradise Pergo

If you want to make your dream of a fabulous and protected space in your yard or terrace come true, call us at (+359) 882-888-222 or contact@paradise-pergo.com. Give us your measures of the space you want to cover with an aluminium pergola and we will offer you the most suitable solution.


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