What is a pergola and how it will help your business?

The pergola can be an highly useful facility when talking about the restaurant business. Let's not forget that when we offer this type of service, we are not just selling delicious food and drinks. No matter how good the food is, if something darkens your customers experience, it can leave a lasting unpleasant impression on your business. And you don't want that, do you?

We also know that not every restaurant can be proud with a view of the River Seine, located on the beach or in a cosy, old European neighbourhood, such as Trastevere in Rome. But we also know that people are attracted to restaurants and cafes, firstly because of the quality of the cuisine and service and secondly because of the pleasant atmosphere that the owner has tried to create.

We may not understand from cooking, but we know a lot about the comfort and safety that your customers need. That is why we recommend the installation of automatic pergolas and glazing, with which you can easily adopt every inch of your outdoor space and turn it into an attractive oasis for every customer.

We at Paradise Pergo summarized everything you need to know about pergolas and their benefits for your business.

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What we need to know about pergolas?

The origin of the word pergola is from Latin. The word "pergola" is often understood to mean wooden, garden structures that are planted with a different combination of climbing plants and flowers. And thus, form shady spaces in the garden. Landscape architects often deal with such elements in their projects because they are used as wonderful places for rest by people. For this reason, the term "pergola" is often associated with garden pavilions.

garden pavilion

Nowadays, aluminium constructions with vinyl or acrylic fabrics, which are controlled by automation, are gaining more and more popularity. They protect you from bright sunlight, rain, snow (depending on the fabric material you choose).

In general, the structure is a U-shaped arch, or a series of such arches. Its shape conforms the characteristics of individual models and your individual requirements and preferences. The Paradise Pergo team offers a wide range of pergolas, and we can offer the most suitable solution for your place.

The advantage of this modern type of pergola is that they are designed according to your individual needs, are stylish, can fit perfectly into the exterior of your space, are easy to maintain (because the wood requires constant care, varnishing, etc.), the structures are strong and secure. They can be controlled remotely, and they can also be fitted with removable glazing and wind protection, which will differentiate your outdoor space as a year-round garden for your customers, without worrying about changes in the weather. 

Where pergolas can be installed?

The short answer to this question is - almost everywhere. No matter what type of room you use for your restaurant, do you have outdoor space - you can install an automatic pergola. Whether it will be balconies, terraces, sidewalks, or patios - contact our team and we will offer you the best solution so you can use every inch of your place.


The truth is that for most of the year, people prefer to enjoy the open spaces. But on the other hand, in spring, autumn, and even summer, the weather changes surprisingly fast and you often run the risk of having wet customers and flooded garden furniture (which is a problem because they often dry quite hard and slowly). That is why the solution we offer is simple and extremely easy to manage and maintain

What types of pergolas will we offer you at Paradise Pergo?

Modern pergolas are mainly divided into two main types - bioclimatic and classical. The difference between them is in the type of construction and more precisely the material of the covering and the way in which they are opened and closed.

  • Bioclimatic. As the name suggests, bioclimatic pergolas are characterized by the completely natural climatic comfort they provide, a fact that makes them among the most popular solutions for those of you who want to optimize terraces, gardens and roofs. The bioclimatic pergolas offered by Paradise Pergo are of two types - Aerolux and Axis. The Aerolux aluminium louvers of the roof structure are retract at one end by sliding, and with Axis - the louvers hold a horizontal or vertical position without changing their location.This type of pergola provides perfect ventilation and cool conditions, simply taking advantage of the elements that are already present in the natural environment - mainly the sun and wind. The variable gradient of the louvers allows immediate adjustment of the brightness of the sun and the strength of the breeze, creating the ideal conditions inside. When it rains, the louvers close as rainwater is directed to the perimeter, where it is drained into gutters integrated into the structure, thus ensuring complete protection.
  • Classical. This term does not mean that pergolas are made of wood. The constructions have a basic design made of aluminium, complete with high quality retractable vinyl. They are a perfect response to the needs of restaurant owners who want to offer a unique way to enjoy gardens, terraces and rooftops.

The different versions can be stand-alone constructions, realized in an empty space or be mounted on a wall as an elegant extension of the building. The structure can be customized by choosing from a wide range of colours.

The 3-layer vinyl, which protects from sun, rain and wind, is retracts and opens at the touch of a button on the remote control. It has technical characteristics that make it resistant to UV rays, bad weather, temperature changes, heat and cold.

The classic aluminium pergolas from Paradise Pergo fit perfectly into any space.

Glazing and zip screens for pergolas

In Paradise Pergo we offer production of profile and non-profile glazing and wind protection, which can be installed to any of the classic pergolas.

There are also types of automation glazing that will add style and functionality to your outdoor space.

With zip screen on the other hand, you will again be able to easily protect your customers from the unpleasant wind, thus providing them with comfort and pleasant moments.


Benefits for your business

At Paradise Pergo we offer a wide range of products that can fit almost anywhere. They are well known by exceptional technical characteristics as our special coating FS FLEXY Cellin Cover reduces the penetration of harmful UV rays by up to 89%. The coating is 100% waterproof, and the Water block system prevents rainwater from entering the enclosed space. At the same time, a drainage system is integrated in the structures, which guarantees the flow of water without problems through the front post of the structure.

The constructions are strong as all connecting parts, like screws, nuts and bolts are made of stainless steel, provide long-term and trouble-free operation of the products and withstand winds of up to 117 km / h, which makes the choice of pergolas an ideal choice for your restaurant, as umbrellas can be easily pushed by gusts of wind.

And last but not least - all parts are powder coated in our own workshops and are controlled by a Quality Control System. This makes maintenance easy and convenient, and its impact on weather conditions is minimal.

Leaving aside the various technical characteristics, in the first-place aluminium pergolas are extremely modern and stylish constructions that attract customers. You will not have to constantly adapt to climate change and this will not affect your turnover in any way. And their control is extremely easy.

Contact with Paradise Pergo

To realize your dreams - you can easily contact us at (+359) 882-888-222 or contact@paradise-pergo.com.

Give us the measures of your space and we will offer you the best for you.


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