Automatic pergolas for your business - summer with sequel

Summer is the season that all restaurateurs and hoteliers looking forward to. When people prefer to spend their free time outside their homes. There is nothing better than your restaurant being filled with people who admire the wonderful cuisine or cocktails you offer. 

However, the weather often has its own plans and they, in a large percentage of cases, are associated with sudden summer rains or hot and relentless sun. These factors can overshadow the experience of your customers, and for you and your staff, will create bustle and tension. The strong sun, in turn, creates discomfort again. And it often happens that your customers want to be outside, but in the comfort of the shade of an umbrella.

They, in turn, always leave spaces in which the sun penetrates and in practice a large part of the places in your outdoor space remains unusable. And this is a loss for every restaurateur.

That is why we offer a modern and stylish solution to this problem - automated sun protection equipment, pergola type.

Pergolas - origin and species

The primary use of pergolas was purely practical, serving to maintain one of the most ancient crops - vineyards.

Nowadays, pergolas are most often associated with garden spaces and are part of landscape architecture. With the development of this type of architecture and pergolas change. The shape and vegetation that will be chosen to cover them are important. Their purpose is to create cosy shady spaces for recreation in parks and gardens. 
The main thing about the pergola is that it must tie with its surroundings. And regardless of its purpose, the pergola must be consistent with the type of surrounding buildings and the proportions of the space in which it is located.

Traditionally, these architectural elements were made of wood, distinguishing at least four main types, according to their purpose.

Gazebo - we all know what a gazebo is, but through the prism of landscape architecture and pergolas, it is a separate structure with climbing plants that play the role of walls and roof of a wooden structure. It serves for rest and entertainment, providing good protection from strong sunlight, while not losing light.

Overhang - the feature of this type of pergola is that the climbing plants grow only on the upper part of the structure (the one that serves as a roof). Grape vine is the typical representative of this species.

Awning - this type of construction is usually attached to the wall of an existing building. The plants grow on the upper part, acting as a roof.

Tunnel - this type is probably among the most attractive in large parks. They consist of several consecutive arches that are connected and form a pleasant path. Often used in the past as a link between two buildings.

Application of pergolas in the business

This type of construction, built in the outdoor spaces of restaurants and cafes, are particularly attractive for customers looking for isolation from urban surroundings and leisure in a pleasant atmosphere combined with delicious food and drinks.

The investment for the construction of such a massive wooden structure, which will provide comfort and protection from the sun's rays to customers, is quite large. On the one hand, wood is a material that hold its price. For the construction of the pergola, it is necessary to use only well-dried wood to avoid the possibility of warping and damage to the structure.

On the other hand, the maintenance of vegetation requires knowledge and care. Annual maintenance of the wood is also a serious expense. Last but not least, it should be noted that this type of equipment with live vegetation can be used only during the spring-summer season.

The automatic pergolas of the new millennium by Paradise Pergo

Nowadays, there are much more effective solutions for the business and your home, with which you can provide comfort and protection to your guests, not only from the strong sun rays, but also from sudden changes in weather and summer storms.

These are the automatic aluminium pergolas from Paradise Pergo. With them you will adopt the space much more effectively, protecting each area from sun, rain or wind. And their management is easy and fast, with the push of a button.

At Paradise Pergo we offer design, manufacture, delivery and installation of aluminium constructions designed for both sun protection and rain protection.

Although aluminium as a material is relatively light, our structures are adapted to withstand gusts of wind up to 117 km / h. We work with some of the highest quality materials, each element is processed in our own workshops, and the pergolas are powder coated.

To ensure quality sun protection, we use a special coating FS FLEXY Cellin Cover, which limits the penetration of harmful UV rays by up to 89%. The roof covering is also 100% water resistant, and the Water block system prevents rainwater from entering the enclosed space.

The structure is equipped with a built-in drainage system, which facilitates the drainage of water during rain.

All elements are made of stainless steel, which implies a long and trouble-free operation of the aluminium pergola, and to each model can be added profile or non-profile glazing. This allows you to use the space all year round.

Advantages of aluminium pergolas for the business

As we already mentioned, installing an automatic aluminium pergola in the outdoor space of your business will allow you to full use of every inch of it. You will not lose clients because the umbrellas do not provide enough protection from the sun or rain.

Compared to wooden structures, aluminium pergolas do not require constant maintenance and treatment against pests and climate change. Which means you invest once in a facility that will serve you for years to come and attract customers.

Also, aluminium pergolas do not require digging. They are easy to assemble and can be installed on terraces, balconies, roofs and more. They are controlled by a remote control, which allows you to react instantly in the event of a summer storm.

Paradise Pergo also offers construction of bioclimatic aluminium pergolas; whose specific feature is in the roof structure. It is made of movable louvers that provides a perfect balance between airflows and freshness.

Last but not least, aluminium pergolas are modern solutions that you can model of your choice so that they fit perfectly into the exterior of your space.

Contact with Paradise Pergo

If you want to invest in the future. To provide comfort and protection to your customers, call us at +359 882-888-222 or write to us at contact@paradise-pergo.com


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