6 ideas on how to create the perfect relaxation corner in the garden

The garden is where you can relax in the sun on warm spring and summer days. A corner where you can break away from everyday tasks and enjoy the greenery and silence.

To make your experience even more relaxing and enjoyable, you need to create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere.

This can be done by beautifying the space and adding colorful accents in it.

The only thing you need to turn your yard into a paradise is a dose of inspiration, time and willingness to work.
In this article, you will read about six interesting garden ideas to decorate it according to your taste preferences.

Create a reading corner

If you are a book lover, you can set aside a part of the yard in a place where you can quietly enjoy another read story.

A colorful sofa, a stylish armchair or a hammock tied to the trees in the garden — the possibilities are endless.

If you want to fully furnish your garden, you can zone individual corners of it. This can be done by placing artificial walls, screens or hedges to separate the separate areas in the yard - for reading, for gardening, for barbecuing, etc.

Add a table and chairs for dining, a hammock for reading or a swing, with which you will not only delight the children, but also you will recall the cheerful moments of childhood.

Plant flowers and herbs

Another type of decoration for the garden is flowers. Their bright colors and fragrant aromas will make your yard cozier, livelier and greener.

You can achieve this by planting them in the ground or placing them in attractive vases. If you want your garden to look different every season, you can follow the seasonality of the plants and replace them twice a year.

On the other hand, planting herbs such as mint, chamomile, rosemary and calendula is also a good option. Their medicinal properties, the aroma and the accent they add to any dish are just some of the good reasons to grow herbs in your garden.

If you want to turn your yard into a colorful paradise, then:

  • in spring enjoy tulips, primroses, hyacinths, daffodils and magnolias;
  • in summer, plant carnations, Latina, begonias and gladioli;
  • in autumn, bet on chrysanthemums, petunias, aster, dahlia and hydrangea;
  • perennially you can enjoy peonies, carnations, lavender, yellow jasmine and more.

If you want to develop your gardening skills, you can also plant edible plants such as blueberry and strawberry. In this case, you will delight yourself and your guests not only with a colorful and beautiful yard, but also with delicious desserts.

Add lighting

Pergola in garden

Another great idea for the yard is to add lighting. With it, you can create a gentle and romantic atmosphere or a more festive one for those times when you gather around the barbecue or under the garden pergola with a cocktail in hand.

You can choose from LED lights, candles, floor lanterns, a canopy of fairy twinkling lights, wall lamps — what you choose depends on the aesthetic you want to achieve.

In addition, lighting fixtures add coziness and a sense of safety in the dark evenings and can give any evening the necessary glow to make all your wishes come true.

Add attractive accents

The garden is not just an addition to your house, but a space to relax and break away from everyday stress. Therefore, you need to create an atmosphere that relaxes you, pleases you and suits your taste preferences.

What style do you have? Do you like clean, elegant designs with minimalistic touches, or are you into opulence and opulence? And maybe you want to capture the feeling of freedom by choosing furniture with boho ornaments?

Before you begin decorating, decide what materials, colors, and textures you would like to add to your yard's exterior. Also, consider the size of the open space and the budget you have set aside.

Only then you can explore the variety of garden decorations available in the market such as:

  • carpets
  • large pillows to scatter on the floor;
  • hanging vases;
  • artificial wall;
  • decorative paths;
  • fountains;
  • children's play area;
  • swings;
  • a hammock;
  • benches made from pallets.

Buy a barbecue

What's a garden without a barbecue? If you are a foodie and love to delight your loved ones with delicious food, buying a barbecue is a must.

It can be placed under the garden trellis if you have one, or mounted against the wall if your yard is smaller. In this way, you will be able to free up space to furnish with stylish and comfortable chairs and a table. There you will be able to gather your family and friends and share the delicious food you have prepared.

Another idea for a backyard barbecue is to add a built-in bar with drinks or free up space to prepare cocktails.

In addition, you can install shelves where you can put all the utensils and accessories needed to cook your favorite dishes.

Choosing the best model depends on your requirements and needs — you can settle on a compact barbecue, grill, charcoal grill, and more.

Install a garden trellis

pergola in garden

What's better than enjoying nature from your garden, protected from its whims?

A patio pergola allows you to enjoy your free time and relax by protecting you from the bright sun rays, torrential rain and piercing wind.

It is a structure that can be wooden or automatic. They are divided into two subspecies: classic or bioclimatic.

The first type is made of three-layer flame retardant fabric and features an automated roof. It, in turn, can be flat, curved or spline type. The main advantages of these pergolas are their strength, durability and the high-quality drainage system they have.

The second type is the bioclimatic pergolas, which are distinguished by an automated roof made of slats moving in different ways.

Depending on your budget and the aesthetic you want your yard to have, you can settle on a variety of patterns, colors and designs.

Why buy a patio pergola?

Whatever garden pergola you choose, you won't go wrong. It can become a stunning accent for your garden, especially if you decide to decorate it with gentle and delicate lights, climbing plants or set the space apart with soft and comfortable furniture. Thus, you can turn the pergola into a beautiful accent that will impress everyone standing under its delicate shade.

On the other hand, if you have a pool in your yard to cool off in on hot summer days, a pergola is the perfect place to place sun loungers. In this way, you provide constant shade and eliminate the need to purchase umbrellas. This saves you space that you would otherwise use to store them, and the effort of putting away sunbeds and umbrellas every time the weather breaks.

The garden pergola allows you to spend precious moments with your loved ones, gather your friends for a barbecue and have fun regardless of the weather conditions.

Therefore, installing one will not only beautify your garden, but will make it a more functional and practical place to spend your free time.

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