Top 3 ideas and design for outdoor pergolas

Outdoor spaces, whether it is a business or a family property, are a great opportunity for additional space to spend time outdoors and enjoy favorite activities in the fresh air.

All they need is a quality shed and inspiring design to become a new favorite place for family and friends or for your customers to come back to again and again.

In this article, we'll give you three design ideas for outdoor pergolas to turn your outdoor space into a paradise.

Why choose a patio pergola for your home or business?

With the right selection of an automated garden pergola to provide the necessary protection from the sun or inclement weather, you can successfully extend your home or business and create the perfect outdoor space full of charm.

Pergola for the yard to create a beautiful flower garden

A pergola adorned with lush vegetation brings a touch of nature's beauty to outdoor spaces. This design features a sturdy trellis structure with horizontal beams that can be used as a base for hanging pots, climbing plants or cascading flowers. You can combine the pergola with wooden panels to pass flowers through for extra privacy from prying eyes, shade and a pop of color.

A garden pergola not only provides shade and aesthetic appeal, but also offers a soothing and refreshing environment. As the plants grow, they create a natural curtain of color offering a romantic and picturesque atmosphere.

This concept is suitable for both family properties and hotels and restaurants with outdoor fountain areas where guests can enjoy the sight and scent of blooming flowers while relaxing by the water.

Pergola for the terrace of a cafe or restaurant

Pergola for the terrace of a cafe or restaurant

A terrace pergola can create an outdoor space with a charming atmosphere that attracts customers and allows them to have unforgettable experiences. This multi-functional structure not only provides shade and shelter, but also enhances the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the establishment's outdoor area.

In this option, it is highly recommended to build an automated pergola. It is ideal for companies looking for a universal solution that adapts to different climatic conditions. It allows precise control over shade and ventilation, making it suitable for cafes and restaurants that host outdoor events.

Garden pergola for the space around the pool

Garden pergola for the space around the pool

If you want to create an attractive and picturesque outdoor environment around the pool, choose a garden pergola.

Whether the space is for a family or business property, a pergola will give you a wonderful opportunity to provide your guests with shade and coolness. Place deckchairs and low tables under it, where they can rest from the hot sun.

Furnished with a garden furniture set, the space under it can become a beautiful rustic corner in which to read a favorite book or spend time with friends.

With enough space available, you can also add beautiful creepers, brick elements and a fireplace here to enjoy the crackling of the fire in the evening and prepare a delicious meal for your guests. With the help of suitable garden lighting, lowered from the pergola, you can make outdoor evenings even more pleasant and magical.

Pergolas for the outdoor space from Paradise Pergo

Pergolas for the outdoor space from Paradise Pergo

The inclusion of garden pergolas in the outdoor spaces of businesses such as cafes, restaurants, hotels or for a family property can transform them into aesthetically appealing nooks.
A quality built and beautiful structure adds charm and significantly increases the value of a property.
If you need help choosing the perfect garden pergola design to suit the needs and aesthetics of your home or business, don't hesitate to contact us.

We, at Paradise Pergo, are always here to help enhance your outdoor space and create the perfect atmosphere for your family or clients.

We offer different types of bioclimatic and classic pergolas, ideal for business spaces or family property.
We work with proven brands and material manufacturers such as Somfy, Mobihel, Continental and others to achieve the best results.

Take a look at our offers and contact us to help you find the best solution for your needs and desires and realize your vision!


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