Awning for the terrace: design, comfort and practicality for your property

Time spent outside gives the mind the freedom it needs, which is often taken away from the four walls that surround most people for most of the day.

The terrace is the most cozy corner of many homes and commercial establishments, providing an opportunity to escape from everyday life and enjoy the fresh air, the sun, the gentle breeze or the breathtaking views.

The terrace can become a real jewel if it receives the necessary attention. It is not uncommon for there to be flower pots, climbing plants, lamps, as well as appropriate furniture and decorations. All this would make it a favorite place to relax, to gather with relatives and friends, or to welcome guests.

Of course, this only applies when weather conditions permit. To make this space usable all year round and to make it even more pleasant and beautiful, it is possible to get a terrace awning. Apart from being a great accent, this would have many benefits for you or your business. In this article, we will pay more attention to the awning, pointing out some of its main advantages and disadvantages.

What is an awning?

The awning is installed on the outside of the glazing. The fabric from which it is made protects against the harmful UV rays of the sun, as well as against rain and wind. The interesting thing about it is that it has the possibility of personalization. The vertical awnings can be printed according to the customer's choice, for example a logo or other image, and the horizontal awnings have the option of choosing a fabric color that matches the style of the outdoor space.

Types of awnings

The awnings you can get are of two types - horizontal and vertical. In the following lines, we will look at their features, which will give you more clarity about their similarities and differences.

Horizontal awning

The horizontal awning, also known as a retractable awning, is installed parallel to the ground surface. It has two main arms with which folding of the awning happens easily. Most often, the awning is made of strong materials, thanks to which it is resistant to external influences.
This type of awning is widespread and can be seen as an accent on many terraces, courtyards and commercial establishments.

Vertical awning

The other type of awnings are the vertical ones. Due to their construction, they are compared to blinds. Their main function is to protect from the sun's rays, without, however, completely blocking them, as well as from the wind. Usually, the vertical awning is made of almost transparent material that allows light to enter the place to make it brighter and more pleasant.

Advantages of the awning

Awnings are often a preferred option because they are effective and functional. It has some significant advantages that should be taken into account.

Among the main advantages of awnings is that because of the fabric they are made of, almost no harmful sun rays will reach you. This is especially important during the summer months, when the sun can be not only hot, but also dangerous. If you have an awning, it's quite possible to even feel cool while hiding under it, even though the temperatures are high.

Disadvantages of the awning

Although useful and practical, the awning also has its drawbacks. You need to keep them in mind so you can make an informed decision and be happy with the end result.

The downside of awnings is that they are sometimes not resistant to changing weather conditions. Of course, this depends entirely on the quality of the product. In case you have concerns about the stability of the awning you have chosen, it is advisable to check with the company you are targeting. If they assure you that she can handle the sudden changes in weather, then there is no need to worry.

The modern alternative to the awning: windbreaks and awnings from Paradise Pergo

Nowadays, there are many possibilities to create a mood on your terrace. Among them are windbreaks and sunshades, which are becoming an increasingly common choice for many people.

Zip screens

A quality windbreak can make any guest of your home or business gasp. It is mounted on the side, it is automated and controlled by a remote, which makes it extremely convenient. In order for the windshield to be as you imagine it, you have the option of choosing its color, as well as putting a stamp on it.


As the name suggests, the main function of the sunshade is to protect you from the hot sun. It is installed on the outside of the glazing, and its control is carried out by remote control. To personalize it to the maximum, it is possible to make the shade in your favorite color, and its fabric can be printed of your choice.

What is a pergola


The pergola is a subtype of the awning. It is a structure made of aluminum. It is this metal that is used for its creation, as it is stable, withstands various climatic conditions and does not succumb to corrosion.

Thanks to the pergola, you can enjoy shade even on the sunniest days, as well as protection from rain and wind on colder ones.

Types of pergolas

Pergolas can be of two types - classic and bioclimatic. Only the best quality materials are used for their construction, which makes them a one-time and long-term investment.

Classic pergola

Traditional aluminum structures are made of three-layer flame retardant fabric. They have an automated roof that can be flat, curved or for example Spline type. These pergolas can become a great addition to the terrace of any home or commercial establishment.

Classic pergolas are known for their strength. They also feature a drainage system that will save you some headaches that can occur due to adverse weather conditions.

Thanks to their clean design, these pergolas are also more affordable than bioclimatic pergolas. This makes them a frequent choice for people who want to add more flair to their terrace without having a significant impact on their budget.

Bioclimatic pergola

The bioclimatic pergola is an independent aluminum structure that also has an automated roof. It is made of slats that can move in different ways depending on the model you choose.

The roof we mentioned provides enough sunlight and air in the space. The good thing here is that the amount of them that will penetrate the pergola is entirely up to you. The bioclimatic pergola also has an independent drainage system, which ensures that when the slats are opened after rain, you and your guests will remain dry.

Choosing a pergola for your terrace or yard

Having a pergola for your yard or terrace sounds wonderful. However, some things can go wrong, which will bring you not only financial losses, but also disappointment.

That is why you need to turn to specialists who are aware of what to recommend. In order for the pergola to be the way you want it, it must be made only with quality materials and by people who know how to do it right. Once this happens, you will have countless opportunities to indulge in rest, laughter and fun, and the pergola will only contribute to additional reasons to smile.

Pergolas from Paradise Pergo


In case you need a quality pergola for your terrace, which will make the space you have a beautiful and elegant corner, then Paradise Pergo is a suitable choice for you.

The Paradise Pergo team is always here to answer all your questions. We work only with the highest quality materials provided by proven brands such as Somfy, Mobihel, Continental and others.

Explore our offerings and contact us to help you make your vision come true with our exquisite pergolas!



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