Ideas for additional accessories to your bioclimatic pergola

The enjoyment that spending time outdoors can bring is irreplaceable. Everyone has different preferences - some choose to go out in the early hours to drink their morning coffee and others in the evening to see off the day with a glass of wine in hand.

No matter which of the two groups you fall into, the enjoyment of spending time outdoors will be much greater if you have a structure to protect you in those moments when the weather conditions are unfavorable. The bioclimatic pergola is the perfect choice. It will keep you, your friends, and your family safe so you can stay outside as long as you want, regardless of what's going on outside of your pergola.

In this blog article, you will find out more about what a bioclimatic pergola is, what are its advantages and features, and what accessories would suit it. We will also consider what the differences are with another often preferred choice pergola - the classic.

What is a bioclimatic pergola

Bioclimatic pergolas are independent aluminum structures that have an automated roof. The roof in question is made of slats that can move in different ways. Depending on the pattern you've settled on, they can rotate or move along it.

It is possible to use the pergola for different purposes. It can be an accent in the yard of your home, and it can also be a strong asset for your business - to the external space of complexes, hotels and restaurants, which will attract your customers and provide them with a high level of comfort.

What types of glazing can the bioclimatic pergola have

There are different options for glazing the bioclimatic pergola. This gives you the freedom to find the one that best fits your needs and preferences, as well as your desired style. Two of the most popular are profiled and profileless sliding glazing.

Profile glazing can be made of single glass or double-glazed glass. They have frames that can be made in different thicknesses and colors. On the other hand, frameless glazings do not have a visible frame, and if they do, it is barely noticeable. These glazings can also be created from a single pane of glass. They are used more and more often, due to the fact that the missing (or slightly visible) frame allows to create a feeling of a large, open and spacious room that is part of the surrounding garden, yard or other environment.

With profiled and profileless glazing, it is possible to retract the glass by sliding it to the right, to the left, as well as in both directions.

Another type of glazing that you can opt for is automated. With it, you can control the vertical sliding of the windows yourself, using a remote control, to decide what level you want them to be and how open the space is.

Functions of the bioclimatic pergola

Bioclimatic pergolas have multiple functions. Thanks to them, they provide high levels of convenience and comfort when you are outdoors.

The main role of the pergola is to protect from weather conditions. It successfully copes with the bright sun, as well as with rain and piercing wind.

We have already mentioned the roof slats that can move. Through them, you can easily control the amount of light that enters the interior of the pergola. With their help, the air flow can also be controlled. Of course, if it's rainy, you can immediately close the pergola, thus staying dry. If you think that after the rain stops and you open the slats, the water will enter the space directly, we will reassure you. Bioclimatic pergolas have a great drainage system that makes this scenario impossible.

If it's too warm, that's no reason to miss out on the weather. The pergola provides coolness that will allow you to do your favorite activities. You can read a book or chat with your loved ones while enjoying your favorite drink without the heat bothering you.

Last but not least, we will mention that the bioclimatic pergola gives you peace and a place to be alone with your thoughts. This will be your corner, where you can give yourself a break and forget for a moment about the busy everyday life.

Advantages of the bioclimatic pergola

The bioclimatic pergola has many advantages. Thanks to her, your experiences will be even more beautiful. The pergola also helps to provide coziness in the outdoor space. With it, it acquires an attractive appearance, and the hours you spend there are always pleasant.

Another advantage is that you don't have to spend a lot of time on maintenance, since, unlike those made of wood, aluminum pergolas do not require it.

We have already noted how useful the drainage system available to bioclimatic pergolas is. It is important and necessary, as it will provide you with comfort and security, even if there is a storm outside. That way, you don't have to cancel the plans you've already made, and you'll be able to get together with the people you love and cherish.

Did you know that it is possible to install thermal insulation in the slats of your bioclimatic pergola? This would be very useful so that you don't have to think about how to keep warm, but just enjoy the experience, even if it's a harsh winter outside.

What accessories to use to make your bioclimatic pergola more impressive

With the help of the right accessories, bioclimatic pergolas could be not only more beautiful and stylish, but also functional.

Accessories allow the construction to bring you benefits not only in the moments when you use it. If you decide to sell your property, a quality pergola already built with the right accessories would make the space more attractive to potential buyers and allow the asking price for the property to be higher.

But what accessories to choose for your bioclimatic pergola?

Whether it is a business or a family property, a pergola is a wonderful opportunity for more space for spending time comfortably. You can furnish it with a beautiful set of garden furniture, suitable for your morning coffee or dinner with friends. If the pergola is near a pool or jacuzzi, place deckchairs and low tables to rest on, hidden from the bright sun by the water.

A good choice for accessories for your pergola are creepers. They will give additional charm and freshness to the place because they will bring it to life. They are especially suitable if your pergola is located in a richly landscaped yard or garden, because they will help to visually balance the style between the structure and the space outside.

Another thing you can use are lights. They would be especially attractive in the evening, because they will give the place a cozy and magical feel. Seemingly small, this detail will create an atmosphere that your guests will definitely remember.

Pergola accessories that are often overlooked but can completely transform a space are curtains or blinds. The effect of both is the same - they provide the necessary solitude that everyone needs sometimes. They would be an ideal addition, whether it is a business or a family property.

In case you are a romantic at heart, we recommend that you also get suitable soft blankets and colorful cushions to place on the furniture, as well as candles. They create a mood that you can't get from anything else.

All these accessories will turn the space protected by the bioclimatic pergola into your favorite place.

Similarities and differences between the classic and bioclimatic pergola

Unlike traditional pergolas, with bioclimatic pergolas you have the movable slats with which you can control the amount of light, and if you need shade, you can get it quite easily. In case humidity is also a problem, don't worry - with the slats you can regulate it too. This makes the pergola more flexible when it comes to climate changes. Of course, these amenities understandably increase the price of the bioclimatic pergola.

With the classic pergola, you don't have this freedom. It is cleaner in structure and design and cannot provide the same protection against changes in time. The classic pergola is an aluminum structure that has an automated roof and is made of flame-retardant three-layer fabric. If you are more interested in the topic, you can read our article about classic pergolas and what spaces they are suitable for. This will be helpful if you have doubts about which pergola is best for your needs.

Choosing a bioclimatic pergola

bioclimatic pergola

The idea of a bioclimatic pergola sounds great. In practice, however, it is possible to go wrong with some things that turn the desired effect into a defect.

That's why it's important to find a specialist who knows what to recommend. For the pergola to be the way you want it, it must be built only with quality materials and by people who know what they are doing. When this happens, you will be able to calmly indulge in moments of relaxation or laughter, why not both at the same time, in the space protected by the pergola.

Bioclimatic pergolas from Paradise Pergo

If you need a quality bioclimatic pergola to turn your space into a beautiful and functional retreat, then you've come to the right place.

The Paradise Pergo team is always here to answer all your questions. Take a look at all our offers and contact us to help you realize your vision with our high quality bioclimatic pergolas!


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