Revive your terrace with an aluminium pergola

Wondering what to do with your balcony so that it transforms from an uninhabited place that only serves to store junk, to a place to spend your free time? We have prepared some interesting tips that can inspire you to transform your terrace.

Make your dreams come true with Paradise Pergo

You have always wanted to have a beautiful terrace where you can spend your free time. Retreat with a glass of wine and an interesting book and enjoy the air. But laziness has always stopped you. Because every piece of furniture you take out on your terrace has to be put away and then taken out again so that it can be stored from the changes of weather.

The solution we offer you is to protect your terrace with automatic pergolas and glazing from Paradise Pergo. With them you will be able to protect your space from unwanted climate change and you will not have to move furniture every time you want to stay outside for a while.

The design of the pergola is made to your measures, and the construction is strong and extremely reliable. Withstands gusts of wind up to 117 km / h. The roof coating is 100% waterproof, prevents the entry of harmful UV radiation up to 89% and the Water block system prevents rainwater from entering the enclosed space.

Glazing can be added to each model of pergolas from Paradise Pergo. You can choose between profiled or non-profiled glass, with a sequential way of assembly by sliding them. The automated option is the so-called "guillotines", which are especially suitable for homes without open spaces with French windows.

One particular advantage of Paradise Pergo aluminium pergolas is their automation. By a push of a button on the remote control, you choose whether you want shadow, sun or half shadow.

And once you have protected your balcony from external influences, it's time to take a break and start gradually turning your space into the desired place for rest and relaxation.

Cleaning and refreshing the terrace

We know that most unusable terraces or balconies serve as storage. Everything bulky and somewhat unnecessary is left there and forgotten. That's why you need to start cleaning. Carefully inspect each of the stored items and dispose of those you will never use again. And once the space is free of unnecessary things, it's time to freshen up.

This does not necessarily have to be associated with repainting. You can simply wash the space so that it acquires a more pleasant and welcoming appearance.

Add different decorations on the walls and railings to your liking. This will give the space cosiness and personal charm. And rest assured that the rains will not damage them, because you have an aluminium pergola from Paradise Pergo.

Choose the right furniture

Furnitures are important. If you want this to be your place to rest, then they should be comfortable and soft. And no, they will not get wet and will have to be dried for a long time because they are protected by the pergola.

If you like to do things by hand, you can use some of the stored items and turn them into furniture for your terrace.

Of course, It's a matter of personal preference and the size of your place.

But our advice is to choose furniture that is suitable for outdoor use. Even if they are soft and comfortable enough, they should be easy to clean

Decorate your terrace

The possibilities for this are endless. But when we talk about a terrace, we cannot put only one or two plants. Experts advice is to choose plants of different sizes and types to focus on one side of the space. This will create a green nook and a feeling of a real oasis

Don't worry about not getting enough light. As we said, the aluminium pergola is controlled with just a push of a button and you can quickly stretch it when signs of rain appear.

Optional you can add LED lighting with dimmer module to give a more intimate atmosphere to the place. This will surely make you spend more evenings there, in the company of your loved one.

And since your space is protected by Paradise Pergo, you can easily put a small rug or lay some soft pillows on the floor.

It starts looking like a paradise, isn't it?

Enjoy the rest under the pergola

What is left for you is to enjoy the moments spent in this cosy outdoor space, which will only invite you to addict in its soft embrace and forget about your problems. Relax, pour yourself a favourite drink and enjoy. And don't worry about the rain, the wind or the sun being too strong. Immerse yourself in your favourite reading and detach yourself from reality.

Contact with Paradise Pergo

Did you start dreaming? Have you started to design and decorate your terrace in your mind? It's time to clear all the rubbish and create your Paradise.

Start creating by contacting us at +359 882-888-222 or email us at contact@paradise-pergo.com. We will offer you the most suitable solution for your size and space. We will design, manufacture, deliver and install. And we leave everything else in your hands and imagination.


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