Types of classic pergolas construction offered by Paradise Pergo

A functional and beautiful pergola is a great addition to any home or commercial space. It provides the solitude you need after a long day at work and offers the silence you need to start or end your day with a smile.

Metal aluminum trellises are the perfect home addition because they not only add a sophisticated and elegant touch to your home, but also protect your space from the unpredictable changes of the weather.

There are different types of pergolas to choose from and in this article you will learn more about the ones offered by Paradise Pergo.

What are classic aluminum pergolas?

Traditional metal pergolas are a type of construction made of aluminum. They have a three-layer fabric that is flame retardant and an automated roof: flat, curved or spline.

These models can be attached to the home or commercial property or be stand-alone structures.

They are distinguished by a stable construction and a quality drainage system that will protect you from the weather conditions outside, and a stylish clean design suitable for every type of taste.

Last but not least, aluminum pergolas are characterized by an affordable price.

Types of aluminum pergolas offered by Paradise Pergo

Paradise Pergo offers different types of classic pergolas constructions from which to choose the most suitable one for you. The models are divided into three main subtypes according to what their roof is: flat, curved or spline. When purchasing them, you have the opportunity to choose the color palette of the profiles and fabrics to match the exterior design of your property.

To be completely sure that you have made the best decision, in the following lines you will read a more detailed description of each type of aluminum pergola offered on our site.


pergola flat

The first type of classic pergola is the Flat model. It is designed to protect you from cold rain, scorching sun, biting wind and other adverse climatic changes. Its sloping construction is specially designed to ensure quality pergola drainage, with the front legs having an integrated drainage system to facilitate the process.

Among the main advantages of the model are the Block-Out technology used in its creation, which completely blocks light, and the 100 percent waterproof coating of the automatic roof.

The pergola allows for LED lighting and is suitable for terraces and yards. In addition, it can serve as a finishing accent in the design of your retail outlet.

Flat Variance

Flat Variance is a structure distinguished by an attractive, effective and functional roof, as well as two separate movable pergolas.

Thanks to the possibility of remote control, they can be retracted into the center of the structure to bring a light breeze and a feeling of sunshine to the space when the weather is nice.

Every detail of the aluminum pergola is treated with a special powder coating, and the connecting elements of the structure are made of stainless steel, guaranteeing long-term and trouble-free operation.

The resistance to rain, wind and sun allows you, your family or your customers to enjoy their leisure time without worrying about the vagaries of the weather.

Flat City

Another model that you can check out on our site is Flat City. It features an automated flat roof and flame retardant fabric with a Block-Out system manufactured by the German company Mehler.

The Flat City pergola has a specific construction without legs. It is mounted on the facade of a given building using special tensioners. Drainage of the structure is facilitated due to its sloping roof construction (a characteristic feature of all classic pergolas).

A hallmark of Flat City is the opportunity it offers developers to use their exterior for commercial establishments that do not have permission to set foot on a sidewalk. If you are looking for a model for your home, then Flat City is the ideal option for accentuating your porch or terrace.

Flat Harmony

Another offering from the flat roof series is Flat Harmony. Just like its name, it will bring a sense of harmony and tranquility to your yard space.

The metal pergola provides stability and protection from the vagaries of the weather, while also offering an easy option for drainage of the facility. This is possible thanks to the integrated drainage system in four of the legs.

The two separate independent parts of the roof structure are assembled in the center fully automatically with the help of Somfy motors and Continental belts.

By choosing Flat Harmony, you can decorate your home or commercial establishment by choosing a color range of both the fabric and the profiles to harmonize the pergola with the exterior design of the building.


pergola spline

Worried about getting sunburned if you spend too much time in your yard or on your patio? You won't have to worry about that if you choose the Spline construction. It is fully automated thanks to the Somfy technology used and provides permanent protection from harmful UV rays.

This model is not only a beautiful pergola, but also a functional structure with a curved roof, guaranteeing a waterproof coating and protection from accumulations of dust, leaves and others.

In addition, you can embellish it with LED lighting, which will add a touch of elegance and romance to any evening spent under its twinkling lights.

Spline Variance

Want to provide an exciting experience to your loved ones or customers without exposing them to adverse weather conditions?

Spline Variance construction is the right solution for you, especially if you are looking for a way to upgrade your retail space. The absence of a leg makes it ideal for buildings located in municipal areas with special requirements for the use of space.

It is extremely strong and withstands wind gusts up to 117 km/h. The special 100% waterproof coating and the ability to prevent the sun's harmful UV rays from entering are other advantages of Spline Variance pergolas that make them an ideal solution at any time of the year.

Spline City и Spline Harmony

Like other Spline type metal pergolas, these models are also made to be as durable as possible and resistant to the vagaries of time. They are distinguished by the special Block-Out technology against space vaporization and by powder coating of all details.

Spline City is a modern and bold option to accent your home or business, while Spline Harmony will give your property a minimalistic and clean style.


Quattro is an innovative and modern solution for your yard, porch or other outdoor space. This beautiful metal pergola is in the shape of a cube, which distinguishes it from other models. It can easily be converted into a beautiful glazed conservatory or a secluded coffee spot from which to watch the outside world.

To make it according to your taste preferences, you have the opportunity to choose the most suitable color for you from our diverse color palette and choose elegant LED lighting.

Like the other structures, this one also offers the convenience of Block-Out technology to host cocktails, dinners or simply read a book with a drink in hand without worry. In this way, each of your experiences can become an unforgettable memory, not marred by bad weather conditions or a sense of pairing.

The construction is suitable for private properties and commercial establishments, offering the option of being attached to the facade of the building or being built independently.

Vault и Vault Variance

pergola vault

Other offerings on the Paradise Pergo site that you can take advantage of are the Vault and Vault Variance metal pergolas.

These models are distinguished by a single movable pergola with a curved back, retracting at one end of the structure.

Their connecting elements are made of stainless steel, which makes them stable, strong and durable over time.

Like the aforementioned Vault and Vault Variance aluminum pergolas, they provide protection from the changing weather, peace and privacy to anyone who chooses to rest under their shade.

Aluminum pergolas from Paradise Pergo

After knowing what our offers are, it's time to choose a model suitable for your needs and requirements.
If you are hesitating which construction to choose, do not hesitate to contact us.

We, at Paradise Pergo, are here to help enhance the look of your garden or yard to create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining and relaxing for your family or clients.

We offer a variety of classic aluminum pergolas ideal for both business spaces and family properties. We partner with proven brands and material manufacturers such as Continental, Mobihel, Somfy and others to achieve the best possible results.

Take a look at our available offers and contact us to help you find the most suitable pergola from our range and realize your dream vision!


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