Date: 17.5.2022

Location: Plovdiv

Client: Private home

Изграждане на пергола модел FLAT с LED осветление и автоматизирана стъклена система

In the private home of our client we designed and built a pergola model FLAT with LED lighting, automation glass system type "Guillotine" and wind protection.

Aluminum pergolas are an ideal, modern and stylish solution, as they are made of light but very durable material. The products offered by Paradise Pergo are powder coated parts, stainless steel fasteners and drainage system in the legs. This offers a one-time investment with a long life that does not require constant maintenance.

Also, the coating, depending on the model, is made of waterproof material that protects from harmful sun rays up to 89%, rain, snow and are resistant to wind gusts up to 117 km / h.

The guillotine is automatic glazing that covers the entire exterior of the room, as the glass falls or goes up and opens the space. Depending on the height of the ceiling, the parts of the glazing can be 2,3 or 4, and depending on where they move - the fixed part can serve as a railing.

This type of glazing is available with profiles, and the customer chooses his color. There is a possibility to choose the color of the glass, whether it is double-glazed or single glazing.

Wind protection is an automated solution with Somfy motors and ropes that help to contract and stretch. There is a wide choice of colors, can be printed and mounted only on the side. Protect from harmful UV rays of the sun up to 89%, are 100% waterproof and wind resistant.

The automation is with Somfy motors and Continental belts, and the control is extremely easy, by means of a remote control.

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