Why aluminum pergolas are sustainable solutions for outdoor spaces

Pergolas are the perfect solution to add style to the outdoor space and at the same time provide protection from the vagaries of the weather. Whether you need shade in the hot summer months or protection from rain or snow in the winter, an aluminum pergola will provide it.

In the article we will look at why it is advisable to choose an aluminum pergola as a sustainable solution for your outdoor space.

What spaces is the aluminum pergola suitable for?

Pergolas are architectural structures that can be independently built or attached to the facade of a building.
They are characterized by horizontal beams, which contain the roof system, supported by columns, which are the "legs" of the structure. Glazing, lighting and wind protection can be added to these for a fully finished and protected outdoor space.

Pergolas provide shade, define spaces and add a touch of elegance to gardens, patios and outdoor living areas.

They are suitable for both private properties and businesses. They are a great solution for utilizing outdoor space in hotels, restaurants, cafes and water areas. The protection they provide allows the space to be used all year round, without worrying about bad weather or strong sunlight.

Aluminum automatic pergolas are divided into bioclimatic and classic. The bioclimatic pergolas are an independent aluminum structure with an automated roof made of movable slats. Classic pergolas are also made of aluminum, but their automated roof structure is made of a special three-layer, non-combustible fabric.

Let's also look at the advantages of aluminum pergolas and why they are a sustainable solution for outdoor spaces, with the help of which you can turn them into the perfect areas for relaxation and entertainment.

Aluminum pergolas - what are their advantages

aluminum pergolas installed in a restaurant

Outdoor structures such as pergolas play a role in the sustainability trend that has emerged in recent years. Home and business owners are looking for ways to optimize their energy consumption and reduce their environmental footprint.

With the help of aluminum pergolas, they can do so and enjoy their outdoor spaces with peace of mind that they have made a responsible choice for the planet.

In addition, aluminum is an extremely environmentally friendly choice for another reason. Aluminum is highly recyclable, with almost 75% of all aluminum ever produced still in use today. Choosing aluminum pergolas promotes the recycling cycle, reducing the demand for new aluminum production and conserving natural resources.

Another advantage of this type of pergolas is their durability and longevity.

Aluminum pergolas are designed to withstand various influences. They are rust, corrosion and weather resistant, ensuring they can stand the test of time. Unlike wood, which can require frequent maintenance or replacement, aluminum pergolas can last for decades.

Aluminum's natural resistance to corrosion makes it an excellent choice for exterior structures. It will not rot, warp or crack, even in harsh climates. This durability reduces the need for replacement, saving resources in the long run.

Ease of installation and the lightness of the material are another advantage of this type of pergolas. Aluminum is light compared to other materials such as steel. This makes it easy to transport and install. The reduced need for heavy machinery during installation means lower energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint.

In addition, pergolas can be assembled easily, reducing the time and labor required for installation. In some cases, it is possible to install an aluminum pergola in hours.

In addition, their low maintenance requirements mean you can enjoy your outdoor space without the inconvenience of constant maintenance.

Unlike wooden pergolas, which are very susceptible to moisture damage and require regular sanding, repainting, impregnating or varnishing to maintain their appearance, aluminum has the advantage of not requiring such maintenance. The special powder coating with which they are treated makes them resistant to fading, cracking and peeling. They don't warp or decay, so they don't attract pests. All these advantages eliminate the need for frequent adjustments and maintenance.

If you still like the look of wooden pergolas, but want easy-to-maintain and durable structures, you can achieve this with modern powder coating techniques. So you'll have the best of both worlds – the charm of wood and the long-lasting durability of aluminum construction.

The combination of durability, premium finish, easy installation, sustainability, environmental friendliness of the material and low maintenance requirements are the main advantages that make aluminum pergolas a sustainable solution for outdoor spaces. The availability of build customization options is also a bonus.

You can choose a modern contemporary look or a more traditional aesthetic, the decision is yours.

An aluminum pergola will not only reflect your style preferences and fit into the outdoor space, but will also stand the test of time.

Aluminum pergolas for the outdoor space from Paradise Pergo

If you need help choosing the perfect garden pergola design to suit the needs and aesthetics of your home or business, don't hesitate to contact us.

We, at Paradise Pergo, are always here to help enhance your outdoor space and create the perfect atmosphere for your family or clients.

We offer different types of bioclimatic and classic pergolas, ideal for business spaces or family property. We work with proven brands and material manufacturers such as Somfy, Mobihel, Continental and others to achieve the best results.

Take a look at our offers and contact us to help you find the best solution for your needs and desires and realize your vision!






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