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For centuries, people have lived in homes that protect them from adverse weather conditions, but still do not miss the opportunity to spend time outside, whether it be in nature, in the yard, terrace or in a nice and favourite place.

That is why during all these years people have specialized in designing and maintaining beautiful gardens in which to spend their time outside. But in these beautiful paradise houses there is always a place to serve as a shelter both on hot summer days and when it rains.

The modern alternative of these facilities are the aluminium pergolas, which anyone can place in their outdoor space, no matter what it is, where it is located and how big it is.

The advantages of the aluminium pergolas

The aluminium pergolas are an ideal, modern and stylish solution, as they are made of light but very durable material. The products offered by Paradise Pergo are with powder coated parts, stainless steel fasteners and hidden drainage system integrated into the posts. This offers a one-time investment with a long life that does not require constant maintenance.

Also, the coating, depending on the model, is made of waterproof material or louvers that protect from harmful sun rays up to 89%, rain, snow and are resistant to wind gusts up to 117 km / h.

All the products we offer are automated and remote controlled.

How to choose your pergola?

In order to choose the right product from the offered range, we need to know what we want to get as a final result. What is important is whether it will be installed in a yard, terrace or public space. The last one is particularly crucial, as some municipal regulations do not allow you to "step" on a sidewalk or other municipal part, which automatically means that the most suitable product for you are the City or Variance series.

The City series is a pergola that is attached to the facade of the building by an tensioners and covers a certain space without the need for additional posts to support the structure. This is a perfect solution for small cafes or restaurants that offers a limited number of outdoor tables.

City series are especially suitable for terraces where there is no possibility to install posts.

The Variance series is a pergola, thanks to which you cover a much larger space. It steps with two supporting posts that balance the whole structure. And the fabric is symmetrically distributed on both ends of the bearing posts. In their folded form, they gather in the centre.

When it means to covering pools or outdoor jacuzzies or spaces in general, which are located away from the main building, the choices are several. On the one hand you can choose the so-called bioclimatic pergolas, and on the other - Quattro. The difference between these models is in the covering system.

In the bioclimatic ones you have the rotating and retractable louvers, which are equipped with a separate drainage system. When are closed, they offer a solid and massive roof.

Quattro is a square construction with a fabric that protects from UV rays and rain. Both types of products are equipped with a drainage system in the posts, which leads to an easy and reliable drainage of the water.

This type of products is perfect when you want to create an outdoor space protected from climate change and whims, but still open enough to provide fresh comfort from the garden. You can also add glazing, which will turn this part of your yard or restaurant into a wonderful place during the colder months of the year.

Flat and Spline series differ in the shape of the roof. As the names suggest, the first is flat and the second is curved. This is for the purpose of aesthetic and exterior compatibility of the structures. They adhere to the facade of the building. They have a slope of the roof structure so that the water can drain properly into the integrated drainage system in the front two posts.

These products are an ideal solution for any space - restaurant, home porch or terrace. They provide comfort, fit perfectly, thanks to the wide variety of colours of profiles and fabrics. You can also add glazing to them and use the space during the cold months.

Harmony series is designed to cover large spaces. It can exist on its own or stick to the facade of the building. The roof structure is usually made up of more than one fabric, which can be operated independently of each other.

This type of product is ideal for covering restaurants with large outdoor spaces or swimming pools. Easy control and minimal maintenance make them an extremely good investment. They can also be glazed and the space can be differentiated as a winter garden during the cold months.

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