7 suggestions of automatic pergolas

Spending time outdoors with loved ones and creating memories with them bring joy and positive emotions. A well-designed outdoor area with an automatic pergola allows for more such experiences, regardless of the outdoor weather conditions.

In the article, we will share with you the advantages of automatic pergolas for outdoor areas such as improving the value of your property, increasing living space and providing a place for entertainment and relaxation for your loved ones or clients.

What is an automatic pergola

A pergola provides protection and an opportunity to spend time outdoors. It is one of the best ways to improve the outdoor area of a property that otherwise sits neglected and unused due to strong sun rays, wind or other adverse factors.

The automated pergola, also known as a motorized pergola, is a smart solution for providing a shaded area for entertaining or relaxing in a yard, garden or business space.

Bioclimatic pergolas

They are independent aluminum structures with an automated roof. Unlike wooden pergolas, which offer limited shade due to their fixed position, the adjustable roof of bioclimatic ones will satisfy your guests' wishes for more light or shade thanks to the rotation, which allows you to open or close the slats at different angles depending on your needs .

Leave them open for a feeling of spaciousness and a beautiful view of the sky, or tilt them slightly for cooling shade.
For more information about their functions and specifics, read the article "Bioclimatic pergolas: What are their features and what distinguishes them from classic pergolas".

Classic pergola

Just like the bioclimatic models, these are made of aluminum. Their automated roof is made of hard-to-burn three-layer fabric, and depending on their appearance, it can be flat or curved.
Unlike bioclimatic pergolas, classic pergolas do not have the same mobility and protection from atmospheric conditions. However, they feature a stylish, elegant and clean design.

Flat roof pergolas are designed to protect against various climate changes, rain, wind and sun. The connecting elements are made of stainless steel, and the pergola details are powder coated. These models are the perfect solution if you want to hide under their gentle shade in your yard, or offer this convenience to your customers.

Classic pergolas with a curved automated roof are distinguished by the fact that their construction is made up of a single pergola meeting at one end of a curved structure. The models are waterproof and designed to protect against the sun's UV rays.

Traditional Spline pergolas are another option to take advantage of. The black-out system, from which the three-layer fabric of the roof is made, does not allow steaming of the covered areas. This will preserve the coolness that anyone who chooses to hide under the shade of the pergola can enjoy.
By choosing this model, you get round-the-clock protection from the rain thanks to its waterproof properties and the drainage system at the feet of the facility, responsible for the proper drainage of water.

Advantages of automatic pergolas

Now that we've looked at the types of pergolas, let's see what their seven main advantages are that make them a good choice for your property.

Protection from the vagaries of the climate

pergolas in hotel

Of course, the first advantage of this type of structure is protection from atmospheric influences. Whether it's the scorching rays of the sun, gale force winds or heavy rain, changes in weather shouldn't bother you when you have an automatic pergola.

Adjustable slats allow you to customize your space, creating the perfect environment for any occasion. The pergola quietly and quickly adjusts to the angle you choose. The rotation of the slats allows you to ensure quick access to sunlight and fresh air in favorable weather conditions. When fully closed, the pergola provides complete protection from rain, snow or the sun's rays. If the space is also glazed, you can enjoy a wonderful winter garden from which you can calmly enjoy snowy views.

Expansion of space

Pergolas can be adapted to different spaces. If you have a smaller outdoor space, a pergola can help protect it from adverse weather conditions and turn it into a cozy place for private events with a small number of guests. With more space available, automatic pergolas provide protection for a larger number of guests and are a great solution for large company parties.

Automatic pergola - price and cost savings in the future

A motorized aluminum pergola has a higher initial cost but less maintenance costs compared to wooden pergolas for example. Automated functions and strong connecting elements made of stainless steel, guaranteeing long-term corrosion-free operation, will allow you to enjoy a beautiful and perfectly functioning pergola for a long time.

Increase in property value

Adding an automated pergola to your business areas can increase property value. With its help, the usable outdoor space for sitting and eating is increased. Visitors can enjoy an early brunch under the morning rays or sophisticated evening cocktail events under the stars, and in adverse conditions be protected by the structure.

Attracting more customers thanks to the beautiful and modern appearance of the automatic pergola

automatic pergola

Thanks to the modern aesthetics of pergolas, they attract attention and encourage customers to settle into the space. Some models of pergolas allow the addition of LED or RGB lighting. Combined with interesting outdoor lighting fixtures and creeping plants, this option helps to add more romance and charm.

Businesses such as bars and restaurants often see an increase in foot traffic after installing pergolas.

The beautiful appearance of the structure and a space full of smiling people having fun, eating and making memories attracts new customers who choose to visit the place and try out the services you offer.

Exceptional durability

Made from quality materials and requiring minimal, but regular, maintenance, automatic pergolas are designed to last 10 - 20+ years of use. They have no problems with mold, mildew or pests. A premium exterior finish protects the structure from oxidation and weather-related deterioration for decades. It makes it possible to protect pools, atriums, patios and terraces even with minimal maintenance.

Improved energy efficiency

By adjusting the slats to provide shade and ventilation, you can reduce the amount of energy needed to cool your home on hot summer days. In addition, motorized pergolas are designed to maximize natural light, which can reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Automatic pergola from Paradise Pergo

These were seven main advantages of why you should choose automatic pergolas. When properly designed and installed by experts, these structures will transform your yard or patio into a great-looking functional space. An automatic pergola in your outdoor area enables your family, or your customers, to spend pleasant moments outdoors.

If you need help choosing the pergola that suits your needs, don't hesitate to contact us.

We, at Paradise Pergo, are always here to help enhance your outdoor space and create the perfect atmosphere for your family or clients.

We offer different types of bioclimatic and classic pergolas, ideal for business spaces or family property. We work with proven brands and material manufacturers such as Somfy, Mobihel, Continental and others to achieve the best results.

Take a look at our offers and contact us to help you find the most suitable automatic pergola from our range for your needs and realize your vision!


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