Paradise Pergo with participation in the SIHRE exhibition

Paradise Pergo participated in the SIHRE exhibition, which took place between February 13 and 16 at Inter Expo Center, Sofia.

During the event, the company presented its products to future business partners and customers. 

SIHRE is an exhibition that gathers representatives from the hospitality industry: distributors and suppliers of professional kitchen furniture and equipment, owners and managers of restaurants and hotels, supermarkets, fast food chains, pizzerias, businesses related to interior design and construction, etc. .

Together with SIHRE, the GastronomiX culinary forum was held in partnership with METRO. 
At the same time, visitors to the NPP could enjoy the Wine&Spirit Show, where owners and managers of shops and bars, as well as restaurateurs and hoteliers, presented various types of wines, gourmet foods, craft alcohol and spirits.

Another forum that took place at the Inter Expo Center was the #RetailShow, bringing together businesses in the retail sector. His main focus was the development of retail technology and new trends in this field.

Paradise Pergo is a company that manufactures high-quality, sun-protective aluminum equipment and glazing, guaranteeing professional workmanship, security and comfort.

Take a look at the offers on the site and contact the Paradise Pergo team to help you realize your dream vision for your home, garden or business space.


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